CESAB unveils expanded warehouse equipment ranges

Posted Mar, 09/03/2013 - 15:55

A range of powerful and efficient warehouse equipment has been launched at CEMAT. Ergonomically designed reach trucks, cold store cabins and ...

heavy duty powered stacker and pallet trucks are just some of the new models CESAB is bringing to the European market in 2011.

Angelo Aldé, director of CESAB Material Handling Europe: “Electric, diesel or gas, counterbalanced or warehouse, we now meet most market needs with products made in Europe using TPS*, one of the most efficient manufacturing system available.”

Comfortable operation and high productivity are just two of the benefits of CESAB’s reach truck range, which now features three new models; the 1.2 tonne R212, 1.8 tonne R318 and 2.5 tonne R325. All reach trucks in the range are designed for operator comfort which helps them to work quickly and easily and leads to higher productivity in the workplace. Drivers are also helped by excellent visibility all around the truck, 360° steering and programmable controls.

The new CESAB R318 and R325 have the same advanced lifting system as the existing R300 trucks, which enables them to lift while moving without needing to stop or slow down. This results in a higher overall handling speed, lower power consumption and smoother movement with less vibration.

A heated cold store cabin is now available for all R300 reach trucks. Fully enclosed and well insulated, these cold store cabins help drivers operate comfortably in tough conditions and temperatures as low as -35°C.

Cesab has significantly expanded its stacker range starting with the new CESAB S208L, a narrow single column mast and, thanks to the initial lift, can be used in loading and unloading applications. It is ideal for lifting goods to an ergonomic picking height, such as when replenishing goods in stores.

Four new CESAB S300 stacker models add to the flexibility of CESAB’s growing range of warehouse products. The CESAB S313 and S320 heavy-duty stacker trucks offer effortless pallet handling in stacking applications, delivering a flexible solution that helps to achieve excellent productivity.

The new CESAB stackers are supplemented by an expanded range of powered pallet trucks including the new CESAB P214 1.4 tonne powered pallet truck which is ideal for applications in confined spaces. It offers excellent manoeuvrability in even the tightest spaces thanks to a combination of compact size, a rounded corner chassis and an ergonomic tiller design. Reliability is increased with a drive control system that uses contactless switches, so there are no mechanical contacts to wear out. The P214’s CAN-bus wiring ensures smooth power delivery across the full range of operating speeds, which is a key benefit when operating in confined spaces.

The new CESAB P324 2.4 tonne powered pallet truck is a heavy-duty powered pallet truck for high intensity applications and long travel distances. With a lift capacity of 2400 kg and a maximum travel speed of 12 kilometres per hour, the P324 is made for high productivity. It is available with sideways battery change for quick and easy battery change. Parameters such as speed and acceleration can be programmed to suit individual operators, allowing the truck’s performance to be tailored to an operator’s ability and the task at hand.

* Toyota Production System